We offer a Comprehensive Therapeutic Approach

alt Serving the emotional needs of children, adolescents and their families

Eastchester Family Services (EFS) is a community-based human services organization. Our agency is designed to meet the varying needs of today’s families. We assist youth and adults in resolving conflicts in non-violent, non-threatening ways. Eastchester Family Services' staff is driven by high standards of integrity and dedication, which result in stronger family ties and healthier relationships among consumers.


Every referral includes information from parents, children and collaterals. The goal is to determine the nature of the problem and develop an individualized treatment plan based on family needs.



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Psychotherapy is designed to help with immediate crises as well as ongoing emotional or behavioral problems. The frequency of therapy sessions is determined by need. At EFS, our psychotherapy services are designed to provide a person-centered approach.


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EFS participates in the Positive Behavior Comprehensive and Support Program as a partnership with Atlanta Public Schools Office of Student Programs and Support Services. This program is designed to provide a comprehensive network of services to help maximize the potential of students and provide counseling and support advocacy.

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Groups are organized to share ideas and experiences about particular behaviors when the interaction among group members adds to the process of exploration. At Eastchester Family Services groups may be offered for children (social skills groups) and adolescents (peer relations).


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